Thursday, December 20, 2007


JUNO is a strange little indie black comedy about a pregnant teenage girl and how she deals with her dilemma. The cast is great, especially the lead actress Ellen Page, who is reminiscent of indie Queen Christina Ricci, and who has been nominated for a SAG award and a Golden Globe for the title role. Several of the other cast members are known mostly for TV; Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner as the "perfect" adoptive couple, and a nice cameo in the opening scene by Rainn Wilson.

It's a surprisingly honest take on a difficult subject, with very real, likable, and flawed characters. I highly recommend it.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the recommendation. I had a preview ticket for Juno. Unfortunately the theater quickly filled. Fortunately (sort of) they let us see Sweeney Todd instead. An amazing cinematic effort by Burton, but not really a Christmas film, unless you consider blood red Christmasy. Those into Gothic misanthropy should love it. Extremely high production values embellished with some Wellesian and Herrmannian (sp?) conceits.


Bondelev said...

I'm looking forard to SWEENEY even though I'm not a big broadway fan. I like Burton and Depp, and the dark subject matter.

Anonymous said...

I just got around to seeing this film. I really like that you focused on the cast, which I think is really what made the film -- I will give credit to the director in that regard as well; the acting was superb.

The dialog was fun, but highly stylized (similar to Tarrentino) I've asked a few high school teachers: real high school students don't talk like that. ;-)

Bondelev said...

I'm not sure that realism is what they are going for, but I will attest that there are definitely some precocious students who speak that way.