Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A.I. Top 10

American Idol Top 10 People Who May be Booted:

10) Adam Lambert is safe with the tranny vote, as well as being extraordinarily talented vocally.

9) Danny Gokey looks so much like Ironman that he can't lose.

8) Allison is an amazing singer for a 16 year old, she blows me away.

7) Lil Rounds did not have her best night, but she is still a pro ready to be recorded.

6) Matt Giraud may have sounded good to the judges at the top of the show, he did not "bring it" and may be in trouble.

5) Anoop's howls were out of tune. Poor song choice for him.

4) Kris sang well. Unexpectedly well.

3) Megan chose a terrible song and performed it very poorly. She sounded even more nervous than previous weeks. Even may not be able to save her.

2) Scott also chose a poor song. I'll be very surprised if he makes it to the top 6, and if he does, it wll be for the wrong reasons.

1) Michael has outworn his welcome. Nice guys get cut, good singers continue on.
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