Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A.I. Top 13

Without a doubt, Anoop was the worst, picking an untouchable song with no range and doing it badly. Worse than karaoke. But amazingly he will probably be safe due to a large following already.

Although the judges raved about Adam Lambert, his vocals were almost as bad. His range and androgyny are similar to MJ, and that may have fooled them, but I suspect that when the judges hear playback, they will change their tune. But he's safe anyway.

Alexis screamed her song but is safe thanks to her short skirt.

Jorge was also terrible but he's not safe.

Michael was very weak and although he's likeable, I think he's in trouble.

Danny & Lil Rounds are safe. I still think Lil is totally ready to record right now. Danny is popular but not as good as he or the judges think. I like Scott but his performace was forgettable and he could be in trouble.

I like Megan but her song choice was terrible. But she's safe with that valentine dress. Allison is extremely talented for a 16 year old and could make it to the top 4.

Matt was good but the judges were right, his choice was forgettable. Jasmine is talented but at 16 she has room for growth and will be back next year.

Kris is not at all talented but the girls certainly like him.

Tough to predict; Jorge and Jasmine are near the bottom on DialIdol.com and deserve to be there, so I think they may be the one out.
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