Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Broxton = Loss

The Dodgers had a good thing going tonight with Kershaw pitching very well for 5.1 innings, and Casey Blake's 415' home run inspiring the old man in front of me to say "he hit the ball farther than I can see!"

But in the 9th, the Dodgers' new closer Jonathan Broxton proved once again that he's not ready for the job by allowing 4 runs, 4 hits and a walk in only 7 batters faced.

Manny was hit by a pitch but managed to get a hit as well. Everyone took pictures every time he got up to warm up (including me).

The new park is very nice, and it was a big crowd for a rare night game. But parking is a bit of a nightmare; they need more entrances and exits and better access roads to make it as smooth as Dodger stadium (which ain't saying much!)

Spring Training used to be easy just 5 years ago, but it has grown to a cottage baseball industry with many fans wanting easy access to the ballplayers. This means that ticket prices have doubled or tripled due to demand. I still enjoy going, but 'm sorry that it is not as intimate as it used to be.
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