Friday, March 27, 2009

Windy City

In one of the strangest games I've ever seen, the Cubs lost to the Giants on a very cold and extremely windy night in Scottsdale.

It was so windy that not only did pitchers have trouble finding the strike zone, but every ball hit into the air was like Russian roulette as to where it would land. At one point a foul ball clearly headed for the outfield turned around in mid air and landed behind the catcher.

As a result, the game was suspended at the 7th inning stretch as it seemed almost pointless to continue. Driving home from the game felt treacherous.

Barry Zito pitched amazingly well considering the circumstances, going 5 innings and giving up only 3 runs. Marshal did even better for the Cubs; it was the relief pitchers who gave up the losing runs.

Milton Bradly hit the only home run of the game, and even that ball floated for a while before going out over right field.

This finished my spring break/spring training trip. Next baseball is April 10th, opening day.
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