Tuesday, February 01, 2011


It would take a lot of time to list all the reasons that this movie sucked, more time than it is worth or I am willing to give it. But suffice it to say that there is a reason Disney had made sure the original is not available. It's not just because the original sucked, it's because after 25 years, the new movie has exactly the same problems as the original, plus all the problems inherent in 3D.

I never saw the original when it came out, even though I'm a complete geek. The reviews were terrible. That took away any desire to see it. I saw it on DVD a few years ago. Indeed, the reviews were correct.

I have to admit that when the first teaser trailer for the sequel came out, I thought they might have gotten it right this time. After all, the concept was kinda cool. But the execution on the original had no story and forgettable characters. Well, nothing has changed. The original was famous for visual effects that, at the time, were breathtaking (and are now laughable).

There's an inherent problem pacing almost the entire movie in the grid. The grid is interesting only in small doses. Otherwise, it's so limited visually that it gets boring fast.

The sequel's plot is terrible. Its needlessly complicated yet at the same time boring. Very little is clearly explained. And I don't understand why they would want two Jeff Bridges in the movie. Why would one of his programs look like him, and not all of them? Wouldn't it have been more interesting to have another actor play Clu?

There's very little reason to care about characters when they are computer programs who don't exist in real life. Who cares when they die? I certainly don't.

Then there's the 3D thing. At no time in the movie did I see anything that looked 3D. The image is so dark I could hardly tell who was in the shot half the time. Occasionally I noticed that some images did not converge properly and looked blurry. That's the closest I got to seeing 3D.

This movie is a colossal misfire. In 25 years we'll remember it for one thing. Visual effects that, at the time, were impressive, but will soon be dated.
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