Sunday, February 13, 2011


I am not a fan of the series, in fact I've forgotten what happened in most of them (they really need a recap at the beginning of the film for people over 25), but I have to admit that HARRY POTTER and the DEATHLY HALLOWS is a pretty good film. It's an extended chase sequence, which is inherently entertaining, and the characters are developing nicely. And I have to admit I was strangely moved by a minor character in the film.

The screener DVD sent out is incredibly dark, so dark it was hard to see what was going on at times. I suspect it looked better in the theater and will look good on BluRay, but they really need to time it for DVD before sending it out for consideration.

The film did sound great and as always Desplat did a great job on the score, raising the production value of the film considerably.
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