Tuesday, February 15, 2011


With a title like THE LOSERS, you can be assured that the film does indeed suck ass. I can't remember the last time I saw a film this bad. There is zero character. And I mean zero. I swear I could not tell them apart even though they are different races and different genders. The plot is completely incoherent. The production value put it at the level of a bad episode of CSI: Miami.

Everyone looks like someone else. There's a guy who looks like that guy from Everybody Loves Raymond who appears to be in charge. There's another guy who looks like the fourth Ghostbuster. You know, the black one. And there's a guy who looks like Cuba Gooding Jr., and a woman who looks like she might be related to Will Smith. There's also an Asian guy who never talks, and a white guy who's a geek because he uses computers. That's it, I just gave you all the character development. Now you don't need to watch this.

The biggest name in the cast is Jason Patrick. Wow. And even he looks like he's pretending to be Warren Beatty in BUGSY. He's so bad it makes it almost worth watching his scenes as an acting lesson in what not to do.

But no, it's not worth watching, even for that.
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