Thursday, February 10, 2011


TANGLED is a nice Disney film that is unfortunately flawed in several obvious ways.

I did not see the 3D version of the film, but even in 2D the 3D animation just looked odd for a Disney princess film and did not seem to fit. I also found the anime eyes on the princess to be a quite a distraction from the style of animation on the other human characters. In fact overall the animation seemed unfinished. The reported budget on the film was over $200 million dollars so I don't know why the animation would have so many rough edges.

The film has a great plot, and the songs are good but not great. I'm not sure why it got a song nomination for "I See the Light," there are a couple of better songs in the film, and that's probably the most forgettable song in it.

Still, I have to recommend the film with its flaws, as the plot and characters are still involving.
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