Monday, February 14, 2011


It's tough to review a movie that's a remake when you've seen the original only a few months prior. However, LET ME IN is a very good American remake of the Swedish horror film LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. For an American film, it is surprisingly restrained, which I appreciate. I prefer thrillers to gore, and this film lives up to that (although not as much so as the original).

Like the original, the film has an excellent child cast, although the lead girl in the original is superior, but the lead boy in this version is better. Elias Koteas is good in a role that didn't really exist in the original but is apparently in the book. Richard Jenkins is excellent (as always) in the ambiguous role of the girl's "helper." The visual look mimics the faded Kodachrome look of the original, placing it perfectly in the early 80s. Michael Giacchino's score is pretty effective but far more overstated than the subdued original.

Definitely a recommend for horror fans.
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