Tuesday, October 24, 2006

242 Extra Credit Assignment 1

Next week is Halloween.

Your extra credit assignment is to choose a film that you think has interesting sound, and come to class dressed as your favorite character from the film. You will then stand in front of the class for judging on the following bases:

Your costume must be immediately recognizable without explanation. (This means you are better off choosing a character from a popular film, rather than an obscure one.)

Your costume must show a significant amount of work and should not in any way resemble normal clothes, nor should the costume look like it was rented or purchased as a costume. The majority of your costume must be of your own doing.

Your costume should show effort, ingenuity and creativity.

No weapons, either real or fake, or anything that even remotely resembles a weapon. No fires or flame or any other substance that could be considered dangerous or makes a mess.

No costumes that may be deemed offensive or obscene in any manner.

If your costume passes the class test, your grade on your costume will replace your lowest quiz grade.

The person with the "best" costume as judged by the general class reaction, as well as my personal opinion, will also receive an additional prize, probably something really cheap. In the event of a tie, the contestants may be asked to explain why their character choice represents good film sound.

Good luck, and have fun!
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