Wednesday, October 04, 2006

First Day of Playoffs

Interesting baseball today. I thought with Santana pitching, the Twins might win, but they didn't. Oakland played well.

St. Louis made San Diego look bad. I think they've overcome their slump, and I don't see San Diego pulling it together.

The Yankees took charge, but Detroit put up a good fight. I REALLY do not want to see New York sweep the series.

Tomorrow, The Dodgers play Game 1 of their series in New York against the Mets. El Duque injured a calf working out today, so they may have to go to a backup starter, which would be great for the Dodgers. But the Dodgers had their own bizarre injury with Beimel, their best lefty in the bullpen, who sliced his pitching hand open on a broken glass last night. Hopefully he'll still be able to pitch!

Alas, I will miss the game as I will be at the groundbreaking for the new cinema school at USC tomorrow.
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