Thursday, October 05, 2006

South Park & Baseball

As a fan of animation, I like SOUTH PARK for its irreverence. Tonight's episode was particularly funny, especially for people who play computer games.

Baseball was worse. The Dodgers lost, pulling a base running bungle that embarrassed the team.

And the Yankees game was rained out, so ESPN radio replayed the 8th inning of the infamous Pedro Martinez 2003 ALCS game between the Yankees and Red Sox. Three years later, the Red Sox have since won the world series, and it was still PAINFUL to listen to the announcers REPEATEDLY question WHY WAS PEDRO STILL PITCHING!??!?!?

It pissed me off all night thinking about it. Former Red Sox manager Grady Little, who now manages the Dodgers, definitely messed up tonight, leaving Brad Penny in to walk the bases loaded and give up the tying (and eventually losing) run for the Dodgers.
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