Monday, October 02, 2006

Dodgers vs. Mets

It wasn't completely unexpected, but the Dodgers will play the Mets in the NLDS. I'll be at game 3 on Saturday, and game 4 if there is one.

Fortunately Grady Little has chosen to go with lefty starter Kuo in game 2, which means they have a chance of winning that one. Back in LA they go with Maddux, who has been very good in Dodger stadium and is definitely a clutch pitcher.

The other matchups aren't that interesting. The Cardinals should easily handle the Padres, the Yankees will hammer the Tigers, and I think the A's will beat the Twins, although the Twins are definitely on a roll. That's probably the one race that will fo to 5 games.

In football, both my predictions came true, with he Bills winning, and the Pats pummelling Cincinnati.
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