Tuesday, October 31, 2006

242 Grades

Excellent work on both the 2nd Assignment and the Extra Credit Assignment! Updated grades including the EC Assignment will be posted on my door tomorrow (Wednesday) night.

If you are not happy with your grade to Assignment 2, you are always welcome to redo it, but it must be turned in ASAP, as the "redo" grade will drop with time just like a late assignment. Frankly, unless you had a 7 or lower, redoing will not make a large difference in your grade. You're better off doing the next Extra Credit Assignment, which will be given out soon.

And remember, the lowest quiz grade will be dropped anyway.

ALSO remember, if you wish to show one of your films in class, drop a DVD off for me in the sound department.

FINALLY, today's lecture has been uploaded to the web site, but unfortunately, the battery died during the second half of the lecture, so you only get the first half.
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