Tuesday, September 26, 2006

581 Workflow Issues

During a 581 Greenlight meeting this afternoon, it became clear that there were some work-flow issues that are problematic. Please do not rely on rumors or urban legends when you are making workflow-related decisions. Ask a faculty member who specializes in exactly what you need to know.

Someone has been telling people to do production sound at a 29.97 time code frame rate when they are shooting film at 24 fr/sec and finishing HD. PRODUCTION SOUND ON *ANY* 24 FRAME PROJECT SHOULD *ALWAYS* BE WITH 30 FR/SEC TIME CODE.

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Norman said...

There are actually some other issues in regards to "Film" vs. "Video" (actually, Avid hasn't listed them that way in a long time, right now they're called "24p" or "30i").

As I understand it (and I could be wrong about this), the biggest reason to do a project at 30 frames is that it preserves the video frames that were pulled down during telecine. In a 24p project, the Avid throws away the frames that were added in telecine. However, if you're finishing in a 30fps online, you want to edit with those frames, so you need to be in the 30i world.

I'm not savvy enough to know how the audio is handled in such a project and what the difference is when the audio is sunk in telecine and when it is sunk in the Avid (Elonwy would probably know). I'll check on it. But there are some real problems in editing an NTSC finish project in 24 frame and I would not recommend that students use 24frame for anything originating on film for that reason.