Saturday, September 23, 2006

Dodgers Shut Out D'backs

Derek Lowe pitched 7 shut-out innings, with Beimel returning tonight in the 8th for two outs, and Saito returning for 4 outs and his 21st save of the season. JD Drew's homer in the 7th would have been enough to win the game.

Alas, the Padres not only won, they took a no-hitter into the 9th. The Phillies also won, so the status quo remains the same.

The Angels lost in extra innings to Oakland, which practically eliminates them. They are now 8 games back with 6 head-to-head games left.

Tomorrow, USC has a 22 point line over Arizona. USC has also moved up to #2 in the coaches' poll. They should do just fine, although as the LA TIMES points out, this may be the first real test for their defensive secondary, comprised mostly of of underclassmen.

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