Sunday, September 17, 2006

Dodger Drop to #2

The Dodgers wasted another excellent outing by Derek Lowe, who went 7 innings, got 9 strikeouts and gave up only 1 run. Jonathan Broxton also gave up one run in the 8th, and those two runs were enough to lose the game and drop the Dodgers 1/2 game back from San Diego. The Dodgers' only run came from a Russell Martin home run.

Tomorrow night we'll be seeing the final game of the series. Once again, the team that wins the game will be #1. Let's hope the Dodgers put together an offense, they have been sadly lacking in one for quite a while. Kent and Drew have not performed up to expectations, and Nomah and Ethier are both in slumps. Without a real clean-up hitter, Furcal and Lofton getting on base won't get anywhere.

This is also what happens when you rely on rookies in the stretch run. Broxton only gave up one run, it's hard to blame him, but he still let a .236 hitter drive in the winning run.

The Red Sox won the double-header at the Yankees, but it's too little, too late. The Angels lost and Oakland won, so their hopes are dimming as well. The Angels are 7 games back now.

In football, my prediction that the Bills' defense would pick up was more accurate that I expected, and they easily defeated the Dolphins. New England also got their offense together and beat the Jets.

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