Friday, September 29, 2006

It's Goose-bump Time!

As Vin Scully says, "It's goose-bump time." With only 3 days left, there are a lot of races going down to the wire!

The Dodgers came back today! And rookie James Loney hit an amazing 9 RBI in a single game, including a grand slam! Brad Penney looked terrible, but the bullpen held it together after the Dodgers finally took the lead in a 7-run 6th inning.

And the Phillies lost in DC. In a very late game due to the rain delay. That puts the Dodgers 2 games up in the wild card race.

But San Diego won too, so the Dodgers are still a game back in the west.

Houston won its 9th game in a row, and the Cards lost. Houston is now only 1/2 game back. And with the their records, if the Dodgers win their division, the Dodgers could end up with home field advantage.

In the AL Central, The Tigers and Twins are now tied with 95 wins. What an unexpected ride that division has taken. The Yanks have 96 wins. That's an amazing change! I'd love to see the Twins win the central and get home field advantage.

Tomorrow Kuo pitches for Dodgers in SF.

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