Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dodgers Embarrassed by Cubs

I neglected to write about baseball yesterday. Perhaps I didn't want to think about it.

The Angels won and Oakland lost, moving the Angels 4.5 games behind Oakland. The A's won today, and the Angels are being shut out, so it looks like that game is erased.

The Red Sox are pretty much out of it. Wakefield starts for them today.

The Dodgers took a 7-0 lead into the 5th yesterday, then let the worst team in NL beat them 9-8 in 11. The Padres lost, but the Dodgers cannot afford another silly loss like that.

Perhaps the most interesting baseball story right now is the success of the Florida Marlins. With the lowest payroll in baseball and a team almost exclusively comprised of rookies, they are only 2 games out of the wild card spot. Their pay is only $15M, compared to the Yankees $200M. As long as the Dodgers win the west, I'll be rooting for the Marlins to win the wild card.

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