Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Dodgers Drop to 2nd Again

After one of the most exciting games in baseball history last night, the Dodgers lost to the Pirates 10-6, and San Diego beat Arizona to drop the Dodgers back into second place.

The Angels won, but so did Oakland. The Yankees won and the Red Sox lost.


notalwaysnice said...

Hey, you know the Phillies are still putting up a good fight for the Wild Card too, my good friend, Davey.

(See I read your blog.)

Bondelev said...

Thanks, Eddie. As long as the Dodgers win the division, I have no objection to the Phillies getting the wild card.

The Dodgers record is only a bit behind St. Louis. If they somehow top them, the Dodgers could play the Phillies in the first round. That's good... because the Dodgers can beat them. Otherwise they would probably play the Mets in the first round.