Friday, September 22, 2006

Dodgers & The Office

The Dodgers won 5-2, in a very good game. Billingsley pitched 5 good innings and gave up only 2 runs, getting the win. Beimel pitched 2 good innings and had an excellent pickoff to end the 6th. Broxton looked weak at first but finished the 8th and Saito got his 20th save of the year in the 9th.

The offense began with a homer by Pirate-Killer Tomato Olmedo Saenz, The play of the evening was a suicide squeeze perfectly done by Marlon Anderson, who is the star of the month. A great win.

San Diego won, so the Dodgers stay 1/2 game back in 2nd place, but with the Phillies off, they take sole possession of the wild card.

While at the game, I Tivoed a few premieres. THE OFFICE premiere was tearfully funny, and bravely subversive in a roundabout way, showing two men kissing in a way that was both funny and heart-warming. They also played the "Jan & Jim" sub-plot well, allowing Jim to transfer to another branch. I love this show.


ZiggyMustard said...

It's Pam and Jim. :)

Bondelev said...

In the great words of Archie Bunker, "Whatever."

ZiggyMustard said...



Lou said...

I never watched The Office before but my hubby is a big fan so I promised I'd watch it this season with him if he's watch Survivor with me. Poor hubby.