Monday, September 04, 2006

Summer Over

Today was a sad day.

Labor Day signals the end of the summer as we know it, although technically it doesn't end until the autumnal equinox on 9/23. Although historically we always considered the first day of school to be the end of the summer, which was usually the day after Labor Day, but now it's two weeks ahead of the holiday.

In any case, we went to our last Hollywood Bowl concert today, which to me really says it's the end of the summer. That, along with the beginning of football season yesterday, marks a big change.

Baseball is still around, thankfully, that will ease the blow. But the Dodgers lost today, big time, to the Rockies. And the Padres won.

The Angels beat the Tigers, but Oakland won. Red Sox lost and Yankees won.

Tomorrow I'll have my Labor Day rant.


Tom said...


Having, like yourself, grown up in New England, I'd dread Labor Day. Already, some trees in Eastern Massachusetts would be turning. The days would be getting shorter. The crickets would start chirping earlier, before the sun went down. Even if the days were hot and muggy, the angle of the sun would tell you that summer wouldn't last long.

Warm, even hot, days are nice there in September. But New Englanders are not fooled. Soon the leaves would drop and it would get cold.

Now I've spent time, off and on, in Florida. It's still hot and muggy in September, and the weather really doesn't get cooler and less humid until November, sometimes as late as Thanksgiving. The days aren't as short as New England, and the angle of the sun doesn't really say "fall" until December. Sometimes you have to look at the calendar to remind yourself what season you're in, at least in So Fl.

I'm just curious: does the weather start to change in California at this time of year. Does the angle of the sun change much. You're further north of the equater than south Florida.

I went to grad school in Oregon, and it felt pretty much like New England, though it stayed pleasantly warm into October. The falls were rather nice there.

Bondelev said...

Thanks for the post.

Well, it was 100 dergrees in Burbank yesterday, so in terms of heat, it's still summer.

Over the course of the summer the trees and grass turn from green to brown. Rainy season usually picks up in late September and the plants start to lose their brown tinge, although not really noticeably until March or so.

The sun's angle does change, but slowly, and nowhere near as drastically as in N.E. I do miss the fall there terribly. We went back for my niece's wedding a few years ago in October and it was truly beautiful.

The next big noticeable change in L.A. is when we set the clocks ahead, now in early November. Then it really starts to feel like fall into winter.